Thou Shalt Not Kill…Whom?

This video addresses the apparent contradiction between commandments to love our neighbors and commandments to kill our neighbors in the Bible. Lead Image Courtesy: The mass grave found at Lützen. NICKLISCH ET AL./PLOS ONE

On Burning People Alive

When we revile ISIS, we should remember the magnitude of our own massive premeditated murders and our own original sins. American pilots who dropped napalm on Vietnamese and Cambodian villages did not target noncombatants, but ...

Shiksa: Biblical Roots of Racism

shik·sa/ˈSHiksə/noun Yiddish, fem. of sheygets fr. Hebrew (i) blemish, abomination: a non-Jewish girl or woman The Silent Holocaust Most of us would agree that a distinction should be maintained between Gentiles who fall in love ...

The Thousand Year Future

A seven minute reply to the question “What is your vision of the 1000 year future of humanity?” taped at the Foundation For the Future, Bellevue, WA, August, 2003 Leading Art: